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52 Reasons to be Blissful Week 17: My Sister, Dee

As you know, I have two sisters and the oldest — though by no means old — is Dee. It’s her birthday this week, which is why she’s getting featured. That and she’s an awesome person who takes time to listen, has an adventurous spirit and loves little kids, especially her grandchildren.

The photo of me (left) and her is from our most recent trip to Italy where we toured Lagazuoi, a mountain that was hollowed out to make a WW I rock fortress from which Italian forces could blast Austro-Hungarian troops.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten my middle sister, Sue. Her birthday isn’t coming up until Christmas. (Yes, Santa stuffed her in a bag, dragged her down the chimney and left her under the tree, where she was found sleeping peacefully.)

Take this day as license (on behalf of Dee) to drink a tasty beverage and eat a big slice of delicious cake.


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