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Do You Have Enough "Flow" in Your Day?

Apparently “flow” is when we’re so completely absorbed in an activity that brings us joy we feel life is worth living, otherwise known as “being in the zone.” Flow happens when the challenge of what you’re trying to do matches your ability. Not surprisingly, flow occurs when we do tasks we love.

Since psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi began studying the concept in the 1970s, the research has piled up about why the human brain loves this state of being. There’s also evidence that taking what I’ll call a daily Joy Break can improve or self-control, tenacity and well-being, all of which help us move toward our long-term goals.

So interesting!

Both my daily fitness and writing provide me with flow.

What activity bring you to a state of flow? Do you have enough flow in your day?


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