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Mahalo Hawaiian Vacation!

Before the pandemic, we used to go to Hawaii regularly. I'm happy to say I'm vaccinated, boostered, masked, and as such, leaving for Hawaii today, and specifically Kauai.

I’m going with some surfer friends in the hopes the surf will be manageable for at least a few of the days, given the north shores of Hawaiian islands experience notoriously big swells during the winter storm months.

The day I booked my flight, however, Surfline, the website where you can check tides, wave heights and other information at surf spots around the world, said Hanalei waves were 25 feet high. The photo below shows a wave of that size.

Big yikes!

I’ve vowed in general never to do any activity that registers above a 5 on my Worry Meter. Any days over 4 feet or so will be days to watch and do other, safer things.

How are you starting your New Year?


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