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Read-Aloud-to-a-Loved-One Giveaway!

In last Friday’s social media post, I mentioned my husband and I have started reading a book aloud to one another and how a Verily Magazine article points out the benefits of such an activity.

Then I began to to think about how giving away some books would be a fun way to encourage others to try reading aloud to others.

So that's the point of this giveaway.

As the video says:

  1. pick one of my books

  2. let me know who you’d like to read to

  3. I’ll choose 4 winners on Jan. 11

And be creative! You can read to your cat, or over the phone to a friend, or via Zoom with your parents.

What I love most about reading with my husband — besides A+ snuggle time — is that we can stop to talk about what’s going on.

And by the way, we're reading SAPIENS: A BRIEF HISTORY OF HUMANKIND by Yuval Noah Harari.


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