Mary Donahue

Chicago blizzard Jan. 1979.jpg
Mary Donahue's albums copy.jpg

Born April 16, 1963

Age 15 during the Chicago blizzard of 1978-79

Walks everywhere, no matter the weather, because she has to.

Mary is a cat person, but wouldn't spend the money to feed one.

Mary and her crowd sling some classic slang, man.

Mary does not live in a fancy house or neighborhood.

Mary is a hard rock girl.

Because of her brother, Mary knows art.

Mary's 1978 rock playlist (Spotify).

Mary's boots: worn, marred, rugged, a fortress against the warmth of her foot.

Mary's boots copy.jpg

Mary is no Marcia Brady.

Marcia Brady.jpg

Mary loves SnoBalls

Mary Donahue's Chicago 1978.jpg

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