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A consummate warrior and brilliant strategist, Pino, is a young Native American woman who must fight against fierce invaders to save her tribe from annihilation in precolonial southern New England.


Aided by her best warrior and forbidden love, Tow, Pino unknowingly fights for her own spirit and that of her sister murdered ten summers ago. When Pino discovers her real opposition is Meesha, a beautiful near-slave taken in by the invading tribe when just a girl, the two form a strange, almost magical, sisterhood in their internal fight to free their inner demons.

“The story is a ride through Class V rapids that will keep you hanging on white-knuckled till the end. A great read.” Jana McBurney-Lin, My Half of the Sky

“Winter Light is a profound, deeply moving, and relentlessly powerful novel that completely blew me away and left me grieving for more. An absolute triumph!” Grant Leishman, Readers’ Favorite


“I had to tear myself away from the book to carry on in my own life, that’s how powerful this book is. I just needed to carry on with Mary, everything else was an intrusion! A book that has stayed with me since and I feel that it will stay for a while to come yet!” Sharon Beyond Books Blog

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