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A Chanticleer International Book Award Semi-finalist


A consummate warrior and brilliant strategist, Pino is a young Native American woman who must fight against fierce invaders to save her tribe — and spirit — from annihilation in precolonial southern New England.

The strange tale of sisterhood begins on the stormy spring morning her tribe faces imminent attack by a contingent of the mighty Pagassett Nation, infamous for destroying small tribes in its quest for land and power. Pino knows this is the moment she’s been waiting for, a chance to save her people and maybe —maybe — redeem herself for failing to rescue her beloved sister, murdered ten summers ago.

Aided by her best warrior and forbidden love, Tow, and key tribal leaders who witness Pino’s gift for camouflage, she clandestinely influences strategy in the short, but wildly intense conflict. She soon discovers her real opposition is Meesha, a beautiful near-slave taken in by the invading tribe when just a girl. By learning how the other operates, the women form an intimate, almost magical sisterhood in their internal fight to free their inner demons.


“Mostly ignored by her village as a nitwit, the brilliant Pino becomes the only hope the Manatuck people have when she leads them against the mighty Pagassett Nation. In “David and Goliath” fashion, Pino uses her intellect and fearlessness to beat her enemy, oust her inner demons, and to finally seek redemption for failing to save her sister when they were children. The Falcon, The Wolf, and The Hummingbird is a masterpiece, reminiscent of THE WOMAN KING. I could not put it down!"
Joylene Nowell Butler, author of Mâtowak: Woman Who Cries.


“A breathless adventure about two courageous Native American women warriors on opposite sides of a life-or-death conflict. This tale of sisterhood speaks to the current struggle for self-determination and survival among all beleaguered peoples.”

Ann S. Epstein, author of historical fiction, including One Person’s Loss

"This story of a fiercely spirited young woman — of love, loss and revenge — sweeps the reader from rock to rill, lush forests to the Atlantic. Fascinating!”

Carole Bumpus, author, A September to Remember: Searching for Culinary Pleasures at the Italian Table and the Savoring the Olde Ways Series


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