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A tale of obsession and redemption, THE WIND THIEF is the story of two souls who are swept from land to land, one in search of a home, the other in search of a war, and both ever a step behind the peace they seek.


Ajay, a young thief from India, is on his way to a better life when he is forced to flee Algiers and subsequently gets lost in the Sahara Desert. He is saved by a strange young woman who believes she can talk to the winds, a gift that will save mankind from an imminent apocalypse only she can stop.


Ajay has no choice but to follow her out of the barren wasteland, intending to abandon her once they reach Morocco. Yet when he gets the chance to escape her, he realizes he no longer can. He follows and continues to follow, even when serious dangers loom.

"Miss Engber's prose will sting and tug and pull at your heartstrings no matter how tough you think you are. Because while you're on a journey from the Sahara Desert to Morocco to South America to Jamaica, you're no longer simply a reader, you're a participant.”


“Engber does a fantastic job weaving together a powerful tale of adventure and love, leaving you wanting more. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to step out of themselves for a moment and into a daunting tale of courage, love, and spirit.”

"If you're not familiar with what good writing looks like, try this book."

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