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Artist Lacey Bryant's Solo Show

Virtual/In-person Solo Show We Shall Be Kings

through Dec. 6, 2021

Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco

I’ve featured Lacey Bryant’s work several times for two reasons: 1) she’s a woman on the move in the art world, and 2) the gallery shows and art collective projects she participates in are now — like a lot of art shows — virtual events due to the pandemic, which makes them much more accessible.

So if you’ve got a few minutes, travel to her virtual show. And if you’re nearby, go in person! She makes the effort worthwhile by combining the innocent and the ominous in a way that evokes the story-like feeling of, “I wonder what happens next.”

Consider the work above, We Shall Be Kings. The young people on the beach are apparently thumbing their nose at power, while behind them the tumultuous ocean rolls beneath foreboding overcast skies, alluding to the power of nature humans have never been fully able to grasp.

And below is Roast. Two of the three females are clearly having fun, and yet that flame rears up like a fiery rift between them and the young woman who's startled.

You can check out Lacey’s full measure of wit and wildness via her website and Instagram account, @laceybryantart.

What artists do you follow?


For updates about Martha’s books, news and giveaways, check out her website:

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