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Book Review: "Death and Other Survival Strategies"

by Carolyn R. Russell

One of my favorite feelings is that of the Octobers of my youth, the witchy time before Halloween when leaves fall off of trees and ghost stories are told. Carolyn R. Russell captures that ghoulish, fun feel in her new collection of flash fiction, Death and Other Survival Strategies, due out Oct. 24 by Vine Leaves Press.

Read my review below:


These urban, urbane and utterly classic flash fairytales provide a twist on the twisted

worlds the author quickly conjures and as swiftly ends in sumptuously satisfying ways.

She maximizes the fun through an impish sense of humor that bypasses the truly gross, grotesque and disturbing. I love that!

Not feeling at risk allowed me to relax into the witchy, often surrealistic tales that address death and ghoulishness in a whimsical way. As such, most of the stories include creepy landscapes of shadowy forests or autumnal East Coast towns where leaves blow down the empty street.

A collection of altogether witchy fun!


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