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Las Vegas Writers Conference 2021: April 8-10


Las Vegas Writers Conference (virtual) April 8 – 10 Register now!

Four years ago I had the pleasure of traveling to Las Vegas to present two workshops at the Las Vegas Writers Conference hosted by the Henderson Writers Group. Hundreds of people attended to learn from dozens of agents, writing coaches and authors.

The conference will be virtual this year and the organization has again invited me to speak.

Here’s what I’ll be presenting. I’ll also be participating in The Blue Pencil sessions, 15-min. meetings where authors can ask about anything related to writing.

I hope you join us!

Flaming Good Dialogue: How to Create Unforgettable Characters Through Exchanges That Singe

11 a.m. PST Sat., April 10

You think you’ve got fantastic, unique, bestselling characters? You’ll have to prove that to readers, not only through your characters’ actions, but also by what they say, how and when they speak almost as important as what words they use. In this workshop, you’ll not only learn how to sidestep the most common dialogue pitfalls, including why characters all too often wind up sounding alike, but also how to employ the five techniques that will make your characters unique and eminently believable.

The Little Red Riding Hood Dilemma: What Kind of Publisher to Aim for, Big, Medium/Small, Self

9 a.m. PST Fri., April 9

10 a.m. Sat., April 10

Over 2 million books a year are published annually in the United States alone. That intense competition pushes authors toward three avenues: publication through a big publisher, a medium or small publisher, or self publishing. This workshop will offer the advantages and disadvantages to each, while helping participants form a concrete path for their current project that includes resources for pursuing that route.


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