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Book Review: "Adventures by Land and Sea"

by Carole Bumpus

This culinary travel memoir, ADVENTURES BY LAND AND SEA is a fabulous romp through the food-loving, light-filled, old world feel of Provence and the Cote d’Azure!

The book — the fourth in the Savoring the Olde Ways series by foodie travel writer Carole Bumpus — covers an early 1990s adventure to France. Inspired by Peter Mayle’s classic memoir A YEAR IN PROVENCE, the author rented an old house in the south of France and took off with her husband, sister, brother-in-law and two friends with a clear goal in mind: to enjoy the magic of that region with the same fervor and humor as Peter Mayle.

This memoir succeeds to a marvelous degree. While reading, my mind drifted to the scenes the author beautifully depicts through vivid detail: eating fresh croissants in the morning; tromping over the hills and through small villages; meeting the locals; and learning what it means to spend two hours laughing with friends and family while eating lunch beneath the tress.

I’m not surprised I enjoyed this memoir of food, fun and travel to the degree I did, because I read the author’s previous adventures to Italy and France; books filled with recipes and wonderful descriptions of people, landscape and fun.


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