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Book Review: "Were You Close?"

a memoir by Anne Pinkerton

Death tends to be a eye-opener in so many ways, as Anne Pinkerton demonstrates in this riveting memoir about the death of her much-older stepbrother while off adventuring in the wilderness.

Anne always thought of David as a charismatic, good-looking doctor and avid outdoorsman. More importantly, he’d protected and played with her when she was young, the reason she felt so close to him.

When he died and she traveled to Texas for his funeral, however, she wandered through his house. The more she studied his home while sifting through old memories, the more she began to wonder how deeply she’d really known him.

Anne gives an emotionally honest, and often lyrical, account of her thoughts and heartache. In so doing we see the painful reevaluation of a treasured relationship; of what bound Anne and her brother, and what distanced them, too.

This book will make you stop and think twice before asking the question people often ask Anne when they learn about her brother’s death, “Were you close?”

Thought-provoking and absolutely beautiful!


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