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Granddog Bliss

This is my granddog, Pirate (and my daughter, Ari). I posted about him when he came into our family about two years ago after Ari and her husband adopted him.

He’s only continued to add joy to our lives! He’s quiet, loves to be chased, and when you first meet him, he works his way between your legs.

Regarding the last, I looked up the possible reasons for the behavior and found an article featuring the wisdom of a veterinary behaviorist ( Here are the suggested causes. The dog is:

  • seeking attention

  • fearful of hands reaching down for a pet

  • taught they can’t jump up on people, so…

  • itchy and wants a scratch

Apparently only medium and big dogs are prone to the behavior, which isn’t a problem, so long as the dog doesn’t cause a person to fall over, which has almost happened to me with dogs the size of miniature ponies.

Do you have a granddog, granddcat or other animal you dote on from a distance?


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