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How Self-Kindness Set My Creativity Free

I’m happy to say my essay, How Self-Kindness Set My Creativity Free, is featured in the most recent issue of Women Writers, Women’s Books. I hope you read it, because I mean every word and hope the encouragement helps you free up your inner wild child.

Women Writers, Women’s Books is an online literary magazine that feature books by and for women around the world. The pub is run by Barbara Bos, who champions women’s literature, so consider returning to this site for great book recommendations.

Which category do you fall into when choosing books: 1) you actively search out stories about strong, believable women, or 2) you naturally gravitate toward such books?

I’m in the latter: open to all literature, but heavily biased toward women protagonists.


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BLISS ROAD, a memoir, June 2023

THE FALCON, THE WOLF AND THE HUMMINGBIRD, a historical novel, Sept. 19, 2023

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