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Interview on "From Sparks to Light Podcast"

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After I met Suzanne Maggio in February and bought her memoir, The Cardinal Club: A Daughter's Journey to Acceptance, we were able to meet again when I visited her hometown of Petaluma, CA. She invited me to be a guest on her podcast, From Sparks to Light.

The interview went live just as my plane was taking off for Morocco. I was able to post a quick note, but wanted to post properly now that I’m back.

The first really cool thing about Suzanne’s podcast is that she features truly inspiring and REAL people like you and me, rather than celebrities. If you’re thinking, “Yeah, but what’s so exciting about me,” that leads to the second cool thing…

As a psychologist, she draws out the best in her guests, making it easy for them to explain truly remarkable journeys. Rather than just a nice chat, her episodes are filled with meaty moments and concepts that are important to all of us, like feeling loved and secure and so grateful we made it through some intense challenge that we’re excited to give back to the world.

What are you so grateful for that you feel the need to give back to the world?

For me: those who reach out to say, “I’m so glad you spoke up.”


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