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What do you make better at home?


What do you make at home better than any restaurant could?

If you send me a recipe for your specialty, I’ll give it a swing. My son and I are always looking for new ideas and are comping a New Recipes to Try in the New Year list.

The number of things my husband and I do well at home has grown out of necessity over the last two years. Now that we regularly make great stuff, my desire to go to restaurants has declined. Our routine now is to occasionally order carryout from restaurants offering cuisines I don’t normally cook, like Thai or Indian.

But if I had to pick one huge success from this last year, I’d say it’s the chocolate babke recipe I posted about earlier this year from Pretty. Simple. Sweet.

If you’re looking for inspiration for the new year, BBC GoodFood has a list of 10 new cuisines you need to try along with recipes for each cuisine.

The first two recipes caught my eye immediately, especially the one for brigadeiros, Brazilian chocolate truffles.

What new food/cuisine are you going to try this new year?


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