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Dancing Bliss

I’ve mentioned before how dance was my thing as a kid. I explain why in my upcoming memoir. In a nutshell: dance allowed me to let off a lot of steam.

Imagine my amazement when, as a teen, I realized other people hated dancing!

While some people just don’t care about dance, just as I don’t want to play football or skydive, other people have told me over the years about wanting to dance, but being discouraged by unkind comments from others or not possessing the body type they feel dancers should have.


If you always wanted to dance, but have suffered such negativities, consider following in my steps:

— dance alone with the curtains closed (total abandon!)

— take an online dance lessons where you can turn off your own camera and just follow the instructor

Here’s a shoutout to Karen Estabrook, the London-based instructor who teaches the jazz class I take on Wednesdays.

Do you like to dance?


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