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Native American Heritage Month 2023 Begins Today!

As authors and appreciators of Native American history, Leslie K. Simmons, Michael Ross, Gwendolyn McPhail and I, Martha Engber, would like to celebrate this month with you via five weekly posts honoring the rich heritage of those who inhabited America long before our ancestors arrived.

In this first post, we wanted to show you the names and approximate locations of the estimated 1,000 pre-Columbian tribes. We’re able to do so because of this map produced by Cherokee Nation member Aaron Carappella (

A self-taught cartographer, his fascination with documenting indigenous tribes began when he was a 14-year-old boy growing up in Oklahoma where he still lives. He published his first Tribal Nations Map in 2014 and has gone on to create such maps for Canada and Mexico, which he sells on his website.

See you next week!

Leslie K. Simmons, author of

Michael Ross, author of ACROSS THE GREAT DIVIDE

Gwendolyn McPhail (pen name J. Stanion), author of MY PLACE AMONG THEM

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