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Passionate, Accessible Poetry: Vogue Robinson

Poet Vogue Robinson, author of Vogue 3:16

On Sunday I had the pleasure of doing a 30-min. reading of Winter Light and a Q&A session with the Henderson Writers Group in Las Vegas. Then I got to hear two other writers do the same. One of them was poet Vogue Robinson. (I’ll post about Brett Riley and his newest book at another date.)

What a treat! Vogue’s poetry reflects her demeanor: emotionally accessible. The way she read her ode to British singer Amy Winehouse, who died of alcohol poisoning in 2011, was unbelievable. She cried during the recitation, the emotion such a natural outpouring of her powerful words. She’s a truly talented spoken word performer! If I get a chance to share the Zoom recording, I will.

I bought her book, Vogue 3:16 (the number references her birthday), via her website.

She’s also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

She was the Poet Laureate of Clark County, Nevada, during with she read her poetry during events now posted on YouTube.

Do you feel unqualified to read poetry? If so, try reading Vogue’s work, or listening to her speak her work, because she’s clear and passionate in talking about universal topics: love, loss, self-doubt.


Now available via all online booksellers.

If you love Mary, review her story on Goodreads, Amazon and BookBub.

For a full list of reading and workshops, visit my website.

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