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3D Map of Indigenous Tribes

Last week I had the pleasure of conversing with some readers, who also happen to be Native Americans, regarding THE FALCON, THE WOLF AND THE HUMMINGBIRD . One woman referred me to a very cool website called Native Land Digital that offers a 3D map of Indigenous tribes around the world. The original names of the tribes are included, and in many cases, written in the Native language of the tribes.

Though the tribes in my book are fictional — the Mantuck, Pagassett and Seminot — they're based on many of the tribes in the Connecticut/Rhode Island/New York area. While many of the real tribes are still active, even those that didn't survive colonialism are still used via the names of towns, colleges and lakes and other landmarks: Mohegan, Eastern Nehantick, Hammonassett, Podunk, Paugassett.

A work-in-progress, the Indigenous-led Canadian nonprofit organization continues to alter the map as new information comes to light. The website states:

We aim to improve the relationship of people, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, with the land around them and with the real history and sacredness of that land. This involves acknowledging and righting the wrongs of history, and also involves a personal journey through the importance of connecting with the earth, its creatures, and its teachings.”

This is a great find, and really interesting, especially for those of us who are not Native and want to learn more about where we live. If we keep talking and take actions that help rectify past wrongs, our world will be all the better for the effort.

Thanks to those of you who took the time to talk with me!

Are you familiar with the Indigenous tribes of your region?

If you want to follow the org on Instagram: @nativelandnet.


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