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Adventure Documentary Recommendation: "14 Peaks"

Have you seen the Netflix documentary 14 Peaks yet?

I recommend you do!

The story is simple enough. Over time, lot of tough Western climbers are beaten back time and again when attempting 14 of the highest mountains in the world (over 26,000 feet). Then this group of Nepali climbers crush all of them in just seven months.

The group is led by Nimsdai Purja, a Type A former military dude who gathers a small group of excellent mountaineering friends to carry out his Project Possible. His message is that nothing is impossible. His second message is that for decades, the Nepali climbers who’ve been hired as sherpas for Western expeditions are relegated to the status of nameless servants when in fact they’re world-class mountaineers.

You have to see this team crush it to believe what they can do. Nims even climbs to one of the peaks with a hangover, and not in stages, either, but all in one day. Unbelievable. I wish I’d followed him on Instagram during the project. He’s also got a website.


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