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Book Review: “Careless Love”

This is the best deconstructed love story I’ve ever read!

In Careless Love, author Steve Zettler gives us a spectacular love story steeped in rich Hawaiian sunsets and the stark reality of how fleeting moments of love and passion can be.

Though neither the narrator’s name nor gender are mentioned, I pictured him as a man in his 40s. Only a few weeks before his mother dies, she shocks him by saying the man she divorced is not actually the narrator’s father. Instead, his real dad was a man Grace met in 1979 when she traveled to Hawaii, where she planned to vacation, then kill herself as a final exclamation point to her doomed marriage to a famous Hollywood director.

Understandably intrigued by such a dramatic story hidden for so long, the narrator interviewed everyone who played even a small role in that seminal week on Oahu. Then he pours forth what he learned, relaying details so sensory-rich as to vividly portray those brilliant moments of transformation.

The moment we see the spirited, independent Grace meet Lee Corbet, a man haunted by his Vietnam War past, the two are so obviously made for one another that the speed with which their hearts turn away from thoughts of death and toward love proves completely believable.

Most tantalizing — and agonizing — is the question that begins on page one: what happened to Lee? Every sight, sound, gesture and word spoken inches us ever closer until we experience the catastrophic moment that forever changes the lives of three people’s lives.


Now available via Amazon and all other online booksellers.

If you love Mary, review her story on Goodreads, Amazon and BookBub.

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