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Book Review: Emotional Sensitivity and Intensity

by Imi Lo

While researching Bliss Road, my memoir about growing up in a neurodiverse family, I came across the Eggshell Transformations Podcast by Imi Lo, a psychotherapist who specializes in helping Highly Sensitive People (HSP). She graciously hosted me on a recent episode.

It’s fantastic, and will either speak to your true self as an exceptionally emotionally sensitive person, or help you recognize that intensity in those around you who are either deemed by society as “too much” or who remain quiet to avoid criticism.

Read my review below.


I absolutely love how this book invites people to accept who they are and understand that experiencing life deeply, even the painful parts, leads to greater personal growth and creativity.

The book specifically addresses highly sensitive people (HSP) whose emotional depth and intuitive understanding of personal dynamics are not just impressive, but exceptional.

Unlike world-class athletes who might have a much better sense of movement than the average person, however, the gift of sensitivity doesn’t attract societal admiration. And in many cases, such intensity leads to criticism by others who judge HSP as “too emotional” and their adept insights as inconvenient or even dangerous. Those HSP who can’t repress their emotional sensitivity are vulnerable to ridicule, adding more stress to that caused by absorbing the emotions of those around them. Others escape public contempt by stifling their emotions and observations.

Whether you’re an HSP or not, the book struck me as highly useful. By better understanding the sensitive and intense people around us, we can avoid categorizing them as “too much” and instead encourage their gifts, which can result in fabulous contributions.

Even better, the book can help us get in touch with our own sensitivities while empowering us to embrace intensity as a way to become better, more creative human beings.


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Bliss Road, a memoir, June 2023

The Falcon, the Wolf and the Hummingbird, a historical novel, Sept. 19, 2023

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