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Book Review: "Pirate Girl Falls Through Beaver Dam"

by Wren Godfrey Chapman

NOTE: You can also find this review on Goodreads.

I love memoirs where adventurous women grab life by the horns, and Pirate Girl Falls Through Beaver Dam is just that story!

In the late 1960s, 18-year-old Wren Godfrey Chapman is a spirited young North Carolinian who catches her two-timing man in the act only a few weeks before they’re set to wed.

Attempting to outrun heartache, she quits college and hauls off to Key West for adventures at sea. Possessing no experience, she soon learns the pirate life from colorful boat owners who fish, salvage and dabble in questionable activities.

After a year she’s no doubt wiser by a boatload, but still not ready to settle down. So she takes off with her hip cousin for Aspen, CO, where she longs to learn “snow skiing.” A former frontier town of mud, mountaineers and miners, the enclave is fast turning into a playground for the rich. Rents have gone up so much, young Wren can’t find a place to live on her meager salary as a drugstore clerk.

But Wren is indomitable and charges into adventures with her dog, Rocky Raccoon. She lives in a cave and other questionable abodes; meets colorful characters like Black Bart and Free; and experiences spiritual insights induced by the magnificence of nature.

Best of all, Wren learns she deserves a truer sort of man and that adventure is not just something you do when you’re young, but is a state of mind that once adopted forever changes your life for the better.


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