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Book Review: “Small Forgotten Moments”

In her newest novel, Small Forgotten Moments due out Aug. 31, 2021, Annalisa Crawford has brilliantly reimagined the age-old ghost story to create a brand new genre, that of the psychological poltergeist.

The narrator, Jo, is a Londoner who suffers from amnesia severe enough she can’t remember life previous to her last three years. Though unable to envision even her mother’s face, the barista for pay and artist by soul can’t escape the obsession of her paintings, Zenna, the winsome, omnipresent spirit who haunts Jo’s psyche. Though Jo tells herself the sometimes playful, but increasing spiteful spirit is no more than a figment of the imagination, the phantom rapidly threatens to overtake the artist’s mind.

When Jo can no longer tolerate the intrusion, nor accurately tell what’s real, she finds her way back to her mother and childhood home on the Cornish coast. There to discover how she can throw off the weight of Zenna’s increasing power, Jo finds the shocking answers that force her to take the only action possible to save herself.

The author does a fabulous job of conveying Jo’s frustration, disorientation and growing terror at the hands of a soul demon born during her stormy childhood. The wild, windy Cornish coast serves as the ideal backdrop to the narrator’s psychological nightmare, while also serving as the catalyst that may, or may not, set her free.

Wonderfully imaginative and eerie!


Now available via Amazon and all other online booksellers.

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