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Classic Literature Bliss

Growing up, my favorite book was Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, a fact noted in my forthcoming memoir, BLISS ROAD, and for good reason.

At the time I didn’t understand the benefits of reading the classics, but now do. Here are a few listed in the 17 Benefits of Reading Classical Literature:

  • increase attention span

  • improve vocabulary

  • reduce cognitive decline

  • develop critical thinking skills

  • develop compassion

Of them all, I’ve found the truest to be the last. By empathizing with characters’ plights, we develop greater understanding for others.

And if you think you’ve read all of the classics, you can check 100 Best Classic Books to Read Before You Die.


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BLISS ROAD, a memoir, June 2023

THE FALCON, THE WOLF AND THE HUMMINGBIRD, a historical novel, Sept. 19, 2023

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