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"Faction" = "Fiction" + "Fact"

The normal definition of “faction” is a dissenting group among a larger group.

But according to The Book Genre Dictionary, faction now also means fiction based on fact.

So 1 word to replace 4.

I’m all for efficiency! And the mix of words actually makes sense.

When I read such books, though, I chuck the “true” part and read the story as straight fiction. I don’t like trying to guess what’s true and what’s not.

Here are a few such books listed in the BGD:

IN COLD BLOOD by Truman Capote

BLONDE, the fictionalized story of Marilyn Monroe by Joyce Carol Oates

ROOTS by Alex Haley

What are your favorite “factions”?

On a more serious note, “faction” is a term used in FACT, FICTION AND FACTION, a 2010 anthology of articles that discuss the blurring lines between fiction and truth in our society.


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