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Fanastic Review for "The Falcon"

I am always so impressed and grateful when readers let me know they enjoyed one of my books so much they took the time and energy to write a review on Amazon , Goodreads or another bookselling platform.

Sometimes those review are so heartfelt and well-written that I’ve got to share. One such review came in recently from Leslie K. Simmons, who is not just a reader, but also the author of RED CLAY, RUNNING WATERS, a really wonderful historical novel about Cherokee John Ridge.

A Gripping Tale of Pre-Colonial Native America

A lush tapestry and exhilarating adventure of life and warfare within the First Nations people of New England as it might have been before Colonization. Vivid depictions of nature, Native lifestyles and traditions mingle with intrigue and the personal quests of Pino and Meesha. Their heroic struggles to vanquish both internal and external foes is full of breathless action and strong characters. Very well researched and evocative.

Thank you Leslie!

Do you write reviews for books you like?


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