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Interesting Humans Podcast

Talk of war atrocities, scams and political shenanigans got you down? Have I got a podcast for you!

Interesting Humans by Christain Ward (@ChristianRWard) focuses on humans who contribute goodness to the world instead of misery.

Here’s Christian’s directive: “The Interesting Humans podcast is a deep dive into the mindset, the philosophy and the achievements of the people around us who have fascinating narratives to share. Join me as I explore with people I've met the challenges they've faced and overcome, how creativity drives them and how ordinary people are not so ordinary.”

Besides artists, his guests include a financial planner who talks about each person’s unique relationship to money, Dr. Tanner Walker who studies childhood trauma, and a man who was reared by a single mom and talks about what it means to be a man in today’s world.

So a very eclectic group of people like you and me, and like you and me, who have wisdom to share.

If you hosted such a podcast, who would you interview?

I’d interview a friend of mine who, due to the pandemic, pivoted from the fitness industry to her other love, dog training. I’m always fascinated by trainers who work with an animal’s personality to help a pooch develop great behavior and habits, sometimes overcoming trauma to do so.


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