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Interview with… Bauke Kamstra

Welcome to my new monthly new series, Interview with… My aim is to introduce you to authors you may not have come across before. The first few will be with fellow Vine Leaves Press authors, mostly because I asked and they were hugely enthusiastic!

So without further ado, please welcome poet Bauke Kamstra…

Hi Bauke. Tell us a little bit about yourself

Originally a farm boy, I left home early to seek my fortune (never found it), I discovered nothing was what it seemed. I was starting to do visual art at that time, travelled to many countries around the world, acquired the skill of cooking to find jobs, and worked as a carnival ride jockey, golf caddy and other jobs, met peoples and cultures, reading reading always reading, trying to figure everything out. I still am.

I discovered beauty, and developed a passion for it. I still have that…

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