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Live Giveaway of “Winter Light” Nov. 2, 2020

Live giveaway of Winter Light 5 p.m. Mon., Nov. 2, via Martha Engber’s Creatives

Hey all 32 strong women who entered the giveaway for Winter Light!

I was overcome by the generosity with which you shared stories about the serious life challenges you faced — and overcame! — as part of the Facebook Midnight in the Garden Readers Group “Tricks and Book Treats” giveaway Oct. 28.

So rather than give away 1 paperback or Kindle ebook + $20 Amazon gift card, I’ll be giving away an additional 3 Kindle copies.

That means we’ll have 4 winners! I’ve written down every entrant’s name and put it in a jar shown (see photo). I’ll choose the winners during a brief online event at 5 p.m. Mon., Nov. 2, via my Facebook page, Martha Engber’s Creatives.

If you win, but don’t use FB or can’t make that time, I’ll contact you to arrange receipt of the prize.

Thanks again for sharing your stories of resilience. I’m so glad you came out the other side!


Preorder Winter Light, due out Oct. 6, 2020

For a full list of my book events, visit my website.

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