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Malapropisms: Hilarious Confusion

Malapropisms are when you confuse one word with s similar-sounding word or phrase. As in you walk around thinking the incorrect phrase is the correct phrase…for years!

My favorite example is the title of the Manfred Mann song Blinded by the Light, which my sister thought was, “Blind Date Bob Delight.”


My husband keeps a similar list, which he adds to by culling through a sub-Reddit on the subject, also known as eggcorns, a malapropism for acorn.

Here are a few from his list:

  • "from the gecko" instead of “from the get-go”

  • “no mayonnaise in Ireland” instead of “no man is an island”

  • “kitten caboodle” instead of “kit and caboodle”

  • “France in bacon” instead of “Francis Bacon” (the explorer)

  • “flamingo” dancers instead of “flamenco” dancers

  • “Hi Hitler!” instead of “Heil Hitler!”

What malapropisms do you have to add to the list?


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