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Martha's Literary To-do List for Recuperation

Guess what item in this photo should NOT be present?

Ah yes, the crutch. I’ve been hobbling around for a week now because I slipped on a (too slippery) pool locker room floor. If I sound calm now, I swore like a real sailor directly after the fall and intermittently for many days thereafter.

Whatever coping strategies I recommend to others, however, I try to practice myself, whether in writing, fitness or personal challenges.

For your enjoyment, here’s Martha’s Literary To-Do List for Recuperation:

  1. Swear a lot. It’s scientifically-proven to be healthy.

  2. Ask if the situation is life or death. If the latter, call 9-1-1 and cry a lot (you deserve to). If the former, downgrade the situation to “a hassle.”

  3. Read a book you would have felt guilty about reading before “the hassle,” but this time, don’t feel guilty.

  4. Each day try to improve a tiny little bit.

  5. Read a book about someone else having a tough time, because commiseration is almost as healthy as swearing.

  6. Alternate swearing and reminding yourself about what you CAN do (swim, bike, write, laugh with family)

  7. Read a book that makes you laugh.

  8. Eat ice cream throughout the above steps.

What’s on your recuperation list?


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