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I’ve been a writer for almost four decades and the hardest thing I’ve ever written is write my personal story, Bliss Road, a memoir about the challenges of growing up in a neurodiverse family (June 2023 Vine Leaves Press).

The only reason I could undertake such a personal journey is because I finally sought, and received, therapy.

As the common saying goes, I wish I’d done it sooner. But I grew up in a time when getting mental health care meant you were crazy. Fortunately, those days are moving farther and farther away with the growing awareness about the importance of mental health care for everyone.

I now publicly encourage others to get therapy; advocate for mental health coverage for everyone; and encourage incentives for increasing the number of mental health providers in order to meet the growing demands.

I do so based on the lessons I’ve learned:

  • There’s no way I could have reached my current level of happiness without discovering and healing past wounds.

  • Without therapy, I could never have unleashed the level of creativity I now enjoy because my mind is no longer burdened by unfinished business.

  • There’s a true need for therapists who fully understand the dynamics of a neurodiverse family, and especially the challenges faced by the neurotypical children of neurodiverse parents.

If you’re looking to better understand the last, or to encourage better mental health awareness in your community in general, please feel free to connect. I’m passionate about helping others free themselves of burdens, which once shed, lead to happier lives.


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