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Movie Recommendations Featuring Hawaii

My friend recommended the movie, Soul Surfer based on the Kauai surfer girl who got her arm bitten off by a shark near the same area where I’m currently staying. (I’m trying not to think about that!). Apparently she was back in the water within a few weeks.

An inspirational movie with great ocean footage, there’s no doubt Bethany Hamilton, pictured below, is a remarkable, resilient person.

In the theme of Hawaii, I’ll also recommend the documentary titled The Legend of Eddie Aikau, which is both fascinating and heartbreaking.

“Aikau, the top young Hawaiian big wave rider who became King of the Bay, Waimea s first lifeguard, and doomed crew member of the Hokulea.”

The film depicts the sad reality of the sport, that Hawaiians invented surfing, only to be shoved off their own beaches and cut out of competition until someone like Aikau rose to reclaim Hawaiian culture and surfing in particular.

Have you seen either movie?


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