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Neurodiversity Essay Aired on KQED

“Acceptance of Neurodiversity” essay aired Feb. 8, 2024, on KQED Perspectives


I love KQED, my local (San Francisco) NPR station. I listen every day and appreciate their consistent, clear, fair coverage of issues and people.

So when I had an idea for KQED Perspectives, in which the station airs 2-minute opinion pieces by local listeners, I sent in mine, Acceptance of Neurodiversity, based on everything I've learned about neurodiversity since writing BLISS ROAD.

A producer called a few months later and I had the pleasure of recording the piece at KQED, which has a lot nicer equipment than I used when getting my broadcast journalism degree in the 1980s.

The piece aired yesterday, March 7, but you can listen any time via the above link.

Thanks, KQED!

What’s your favorite local station?


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