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New Author Photo Coming Soon

I knew my author photo was getting old, but loathed the idea of getting a new one. Though I’m somewhat photogenic for informal cell phone shots, having a professional photographer focus her lens on me for long enough you have to actually think about how I’m standing and what I’m wearing is a whole other thing.


Fortunately my friend, @Vesna Mardešić, pointed me in the direction of her friend @Cyntia Apps, a professional photographer specializing in helping people and businesses build their brand, which as far as I can tell means the image the person or business would most like to convey.

When she suggested I hire a stylist for hair and makeup, I initially balked, but decided I should try once. That’s how I met Michelle Montes, a hair and makeup professional with 18 years of experience who moved from India to the Bay Area 5 years ago.

Ahead of time I consulted with Cyntia about what to wear and what kind of photos I need for posting for different reasons, whether for workshops, speaking engagements or author photos for my upcoming books.

I’ll be honest: I stressed a bit because I don’t like being the center of attention. Fortunately, Cyntia has what it takes to make a photo-shy person feel comfortable.

In short, I had a great time! We used a quiet, empty corporate locale, so I didn’t feel on display. Michelle made my hair look better than it has in years. Cyntia gave me the small, concrete cues necessary to not only pose, but feel comfortable doing so. Best of all, she gave me the confidence to believe it’s okay to occasionally get a professional photo and not feel like a poser while doing so.

Thank you Cyntia and Michelle!

Have you ever had professional photos taken? How did you feel about the experience?

PS When I get my gallery of photos, I’ll post some. The above photo was taken by a friend a few hours after the shoot.

If you want to connect with Cyntia or Michelle, here’s all of the ways to do so.

Twitter: @cyntiaapps

Instagram: montesmichelle, cyntiaappsphotography

Facebook: Cyntia, Michelle


For updates about Martha’s books, news and giveaways, check out her website.

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