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"No feet" Ramen Noodles

Don’t you love when you make food that looks like what you get in a restaurant?

My son and made this Simple Homemade Chicken Ramen from Knife Fork Swoon for friends on Sunday.

The idea came about when a Japanese friend recommended a great ramen noodle restaurant in my town.

When I started looking up recipes, the broth process sounded incredibly long and complex. As I read the ingredients to my son, a list that included pig feet (“trotters”) and chicken feet, he said, “Too many feet.”

I’ll be honest that the broth didn’t have the umami quality of a restaurant, but with lots of garlic and ginger, the liquid was still delicious and easy enough to make that I’ll put this recipe on my go-to list.

Also, our friend brought fresh ready-to-boil ramen from an Asian grocery store, which is a lot better than the basic dried ramen.

Do you like ramen? Have you ever made it? If so, feel free to forward the recipes


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