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San Diego's Starr (and Luke) Sauce: It's Bitchin'!

About 12 years ago my daughter and I were strolling through the Little Italy Farmers’ Market in San Diego where she went to college. When we got to a booth selling Bitchin’ Sauce, she said, “Ooo, I’ve got to get some. It’s the best.” The sauce for dipping whatever you want — chips, veggies, crackers… — turned out to be amazing!

The people selling the product were a young couple from nearby Carlsbad, Starr and Luke Edwards (they now have 5 kids!).

I’m in San Diego today, but fortunately I don’t have to binge buy the little tubs, because Bitchin’ Sauce can be bought online and in a lot of major grocery stores. I think that’s a very cool success story about an enterprising SoCal partnership!

And being a California baby, the product is vegan, gluten-free and GMO free. Of course!


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