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Suspicious Browser History

As a writer, I do so much research on such a wide variety of topics that I wonder if I’m on any national security organization’s watch list for suspicious internet activity.

While a mostly facetious statement, I’m partly seriously. Consider recent topics I researched: the FBI, kidnappings, criminal rings, gun descriptions, dictators, and even “how to write an assassin’s contract,” which ironically brought up a discussion regarding a World of Warcraft action.

So far I haven’t wandered onto the darknet, though apparently gaining access takes some effort, rather than bad luck due to ignorance. Nor have I joined any Facebook or other social media sites that have tried to brainwash me or recruit me for nefarious reasons.

What’s in your browser history?

For fun I looked up responses to “If someone got access to your search and browser history, what’s the most embarrassing thing he/she would find that isn’t pornography?”

— “Me checking the spelling of remedial words.” (Love that one!)

— “The other day I searched ‘how to get rid of a gas build up.’”

— “Writing fiction has ruined my search history. Today I googled ‘euphemisms for dildos’ and ‘really exclusive yacht clubs.’”

— “In high school I was writing a fiction about an assassin. Spent many months researching poisons. I imagine that in some little database, lies my name, on a potential watch list for crazy-****wits.”


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