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“Winter Light” Book Club Offer!

Buy now!

Thanks, everyone, for your support over the past 6 months in making Winter Light a 2021 Gold Medal IPPY Winner in Young Adult Fiction! Mary Donahue loves you all, even if she’s too cool to show it.

In thanks, I’m offering 1 FREE Kindle copy to any book club that chooses the book for discussion. As always, I’ll be happy to join your book club discussion if that’s something your members would enjoy.

Thanks to Virginia Andrade McPherson, Kelly Spring and others who’ve already chosen my book!

And thanks to Amy Huynh-Chaplick for buying 10 copies to gift to friends.

I appreciate all of you!


An essay about fear — its affect on humans and who uses it and why — just published in Spill It!

Now available via Amazon and all other online booksellers.

If you love Mary, review her story on Goodreads, Amazon and BookBub.

For a full list of reading and workshops, visit my website.

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