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Writing a Sci-Fi Podcast Series

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When my daughter was in grade school, one of her best buddies was Rachel Kellum. Even then it was apparent Rachel’s vast imagination and independence of mind kept her from worrying about what others thought. She followed her interests and made friends with those who interested her.

That mindset has led her to collaborate with friends on a sci-fi podcast venture called Second Star to the Left, a 10-episode series you can listen to on Spotify. If you’d rather read the story — or study how to write a podcast script — a transcript is included with every episode.

Here’s the summary:

“Scout-explorer Gwen Hartley has five years to explore and prepare her planet for settlement. With no aid but her robots and the anxious voice of her long-distance scout-minder, Bell Summers, she’s hoping to be ready for anything.”

Created by Aysha Farah and E. Jade Lomax and directed by Rachel, the voice actors are Ishani Kanetkar and Jorin Baas.

If you’d like to learn how to write and produce a fiction podcast, The Podcast Host (a fantastic website!) explains how in How to Make a Fiction Podcast: The Ultimate Guide.


Now available via Amazon and all other online booksellers.

If you love Mary, review her story on Goodreads, Amazon and BookBub.

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