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New Short Story Just Published!

That’s the thing about writers: often our greatest talent is persistence.

That’s certainly true of me. I’ve clung to dozens of stories despite lots of rejections, all the while improving them until that magical moment their quality matches an editor’s needs.

That’s what happened with Play It, a short story I wrote 15 years ago and that was just published in James Gunn’s Ad Astra, a magazine of science fiction and speculative fiction.

I want to thank Editor-in-Chief Jean Asselin and Fiction Editor Jalyn Fiske for working with me on a number of edits to really make the story pop. Such time and attention to the very smallest details is extremely unusual nowadays and always results in more riveting stories.

If you take a look, I hope you enjoy the odd tale! Either way, feel free to share your feedback.

What projects do you cling to, despite all reason?


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