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Word Bliss Monday

I wouldn’t be a writer if I didn’t love — adore, caress, worship — words. The thesaurus and dictionary are easily my two favorite books.

I love fun words like:

— bumfuzzle (being confused)

— fartlek (change between sprinting and jogging)

— sozzled (being drunk)

— bibliokept (person who steals books)

New words added to the English language like:

— chickie (term of endearment)

— mentionitis (someone who repeatedly mentions something, particularly the name of a loved one)

— next tomorrow (day after tomorrow)

— periodt (end of discussion)

— flex (showoff)

— I’m dead (dying of laughter)

— caboose (kitchen on a ship’s deck)

— crinkum-crankum (elaborate detail)

— jakes (outdoor toilet)

And to think those are just a few words among millions in thousands of other categories. Considering I think of every word as a possible story, it’s no wonder there’s sometimes no room left in my head to remember where I put my keys.

What’s your favorite word?


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