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A Little Story About a Little Apple

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

by Martha Engber

About a year ago, Martha planted a little Fuji apple tree in her backyard, one that had 5 apples on it.

Squirrels ate them all.

Sad netted tree

The next spring, Martha saw 1 apple begin to grow. Determined to beat the squirrels, she followed the advice of @Adria Marlene and bought a net.

True, the The looked pretty sad to be netted — leaves all droopy and such — but the little apple did grow without incident.


One day Martha noticed the whole tree leaning over, the net in disarray and the top of the tree broken off. A squirrel had apparently attempted robbery, but to no avail!

Martha felt a little sorry for the rodent, which probably got really tangled before making an escape, but not that sorry.

Then on a fine September day, Martha took off the net...

Happy un-netted tree

She plucked the apple...

Lone surviving apple

And she ate the fruit...


The End

P.S. The little tree is now living an un-netted and carefree life.


For updates about Martha’s forthcoming books, news and giveaways, subscribe to her website:

THE FALCON, THE WOLF AND THE HUMMINGBIRD a historical novel, Sept. 19, 2023

BLISS ROAD, a memoir



GROWING GREAT CHARACTERS, a resource for writers

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