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Chat GPT: Randomly-generated Art

I assume you’ve heard about the newest flurry in tech: ChatGPT.

It’s a “chatbot” developed by OpenAI. After scraping info from the internet, people then taught the product to be more conversational. With filters to weed out factual errors and stop harmful conversations, there’s speculation the chatbot might one day be used as people’s therapists.

There are still a lot of limitations. My husband asked the chatbot to bring up my writing bio, and the result is hilarious.

That said, this field of AI can already do a lot of interesting stuff that over time will no doubt get better results: debug computer programs, compose music, make art, play simple games and write poetry.

I wouldn’t have known about the art if my son hadn’t mentioned it last night, so of course I had to check it out. The image below was created by Dutch photographer Anja Wessels using MidJourney. Here are the prompts she used to get this result:

enigmatic, elegant, neoliberalism, surrealism, colorful, tropical, gold, hyper realism, rainbow, feathers, leaves, strong details, sharp edges, sharp contrast, strong big eye, -ar 3:2

Definitely interesting!

What do you other creatives think about this increasingly “teachable” AI?


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