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Genre Quiz: What Types Do You Like??

Recently while talking with someone about books, I explained my theory: the type of books we like are based on our brain types. My mind won’t, for example, accept an alternate history story (“because that’s not what really happened!”, but I can get behind a story with a completely fictionalized history.

After the conversation, I realized there’s probably some quiz you can take that’ll help you determine your favorite genre. My first query pulled up a quiz by ProProf, a quiz site, so of course I took it. The results proved completely wrong, but that’s probably because I favor literary books, which wasn’t a choice because it’s not considered “genre fiction.” And while I like fantasy (the answer), I don’t favor it over other genres.

But the quiz was worth taking for the crazy questions and answer choices, most of them punctuated by exclamation points, like the ones above. And really, at this point in our lives, don’t we already know what we like?

Here are a few more questions/answers for your Monday pleasure:

What kind of movies do you like to watch?

“Something with tonnes of gore and that’ll make me have nightmares!”

What’s your personality?

“I’m a really wild and crazy guy!”

What’s your Zodiac sign?


What genres do you like?


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