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Grow YOUR Great Character and Plot! A Master Class

Back in the day, long before my first novel publication (The Wind Thief), I craved to teach at the San Francisco Writers Conference. A big, huge melding of authors and aspiring writers, I wanted to be a part of sharing the adrenaline rush of producing stories people want to read.

This year the conference will be in-person and I get to participate! I’ll be teaching the master class based on Growing Great Characters and will join these writers on a panel about dialogue: @Wendy Tokunaga, @Monica Wesolowska and @Tanya Egan Gibson. @CaroleBumpus will be at the conference, too!

If you’re an aspiring writer and live nearby, please register! If you’re neither, please pass on this info to the author in your life. We can’t have too many bestselling authors.


For updates about Martha’s books, news and giveaways, check out her website.

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