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Interview on Femme On Podcast

I was talking with my writer/actor friend, Tonya Todd, and she invited me to offer fitness tips for a podcast titled Femme On Fitness, and I couldn’t turn down talking about one of my favorite subjects. And mind, these are real tips, not wishes or you “should” do.

The podcast is part of Femme On, a podcast in which “Hosts Ada, Alyson, Jess, Ria and Tonya bring their unique voices to a variety of passions that include books, film, TV, feminism, comics, fitness, activism and so much more.”

If you want to get the list of tips I talk about, you'll find it below.

How’s your fitness going?


Fantastic Females: 10 Fitness Tips for Rocking This New (and Healthier!) Year!

by Martha Engber

I talk about all of the following with my clients and class participants. I hope they help you!

1. No New Year’s resolutions!

As a plethora of articles will tell you, most New Year’s resolution end in failure, which makes us feel like failures. The answer? Don’t make resolutions! Instead, congratulate yourself on what you’re doing now and slowly add new ideas and activities.

2. Weed out unhelpful (but tantalizing!) marketing ideas!

For example, there’s no magic regarding diets and types of workouts. Nor can you achieve instant gratification regarding long-term goals.

Instead, do your best to remove yourself from unhealthy messaging, whether via commercials for unhealthy food or going places that encourage unhealthy habits.

3. Make YOU the priority!

When you feel better, everything follows: you think better, handle challenges better and are kinder to other people.

So put your workout first on your daily to-do list!

Consider making better sleep a priority. It’s one of the best physical and mental health gifts you can give yourself. You gain more energy, clarity and better problem solving ability.

4. Find the fun!

Think about something fun you want to do, or that you used to do and would like to do again. That fun will give you focus and guide you toward the type of workouts/diet choices to progress you toward undertaking that activity.

5. Embrace reality!

When making goals, be realistic regarding your time, lifestyle and budget.

6. Find fitness friends!

The best way to find fitness friends is by mentioning to everyone you meet what you’d like to do. They’ll invariably contribute information that will help you in your journey. They might even invite you to join them.

7. Lots of options!

No one wants to get bored! So develop a long list of movement and food options to choose from. Regularly changing up your routine will keep your morale high. The variety also promotes overall fitness. Rather than overwork just one area of the body, or miss out on nutrients due to a restricted menu, variety will help you reach all of the muscle and food groups.

8. Love yourself!

Trust yourself: if you don’t feel right about a workout, exercise or health practice, stop!

Let yourself off the hook if you’re not feeling well, and instead choose an option that better fits your energy level or mindset.

Embrace who you are and why you’re awesome!

9. Refuse negativity!

Develop awareness about messages that work against you, either from well-meaning friends, media or advertising. Instead, support messaging that supports you, whether via inspirational blogs or buying health and fitness products from companies that focus less on beauty and more on bettering the world.

10. Increase your knowledge!


Try paid apps that take the “work” out of workouts, such as AppleFitness+ or the Nike Training Club.

If you’re on a budget, find free workouts via YouTube, such as Caroline Girvan’s channel or Yoga With Adriene.

Books by women for women

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For updates about Martha’s forthcoming books, new and giveaways, subscribe to her website,

Bliss Road, a memoir, June 2023

The Falcon, the Wolf and the Hummingbird, a historical novel, Sept. 19, 2023

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